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Client: Sofia Aedo Zahou  
Project: Music for the short film "In Unfamiliar Tongues"  
Case: Create a music and sound concept for the short film "In Unfamiliar Tongues," where we explore a couple's emotional journey through a conflict interpreted via modern dance and ballet styles. The film is set to VAZ song "Yang," capturing the energetic curve of the dispute.  

Director: Sofia Aedo Zahou  
DoP: Sara Dehlin  
Producer: Feven Kiflom  
Choreography: Matilda Fleberg  
Dancers: Ellinea Siambalis and Ninos Josef  
Music: VAZ
Offline Editor: Andrea Vasques  
Styling: Katija Hirsch  
Hair & Makeup: Patryk Konopacki  
Colorist: Thamer Alzaidi, Jonatan Qvist  
Platforms: Film festival and online release.

Skärmavbild 2024-06-25 kl. 14.19.34.png
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